Weekend Finds
Lots of action over the weekend, the real start of the NFL season, some superb baseball games, a dryer fire, lots of wedding prep activity and the score of the weekend, a new kitchen table!

Yeah, yeah, who cares about a new table? Well, I do. Especially when the price was better than right, it was zip, zero, nada, a freebie. And its almost exactly what we were in the market for anyway which makes it all the better. The best part was that, when Paul and I first found it, the side that was up was hacked on like it had been left outside for a year and just abused. So we grabbed the table thinking it would make a decent craft table for Kim. But when we got it back to the house and flipped the top over, it was in excellent condition. Not perfect but far, far better than the other side.

And, since P and I don't have a real kitchen table to speak of yet, Paul was gracious enough to let us have it. And now we can stash away the cheesy card table that's been serving as a flat space in the kitchen to accumulate junk. Now we've got a good sized table to accumulate junk on.

The good thing about this week is that it's a three day work week for us. We're flying east on Thursday, yes 9/11, my birthday and tragedy day in the US and most definitely in New York where we're flying into. It will be a most interesting day, I'm sure of that. Its also a blogging day and I'll be snapping pics all along the way.

By the way, hey Layne, want to come and hang out for an hour while we're on a layover in Mini-soda?

This will be my family's first time meeting P and the trip is also being combined with a house warming and baby homecoming for my Nicolas, my sister and brother in law's newest addition to the family and a tough little kid to have pulled through all the medical stuff so blissfully unscathed.

And now we stand at 26 days to the wedding.

Other News
Warren Zevon passed away last night at the age of 56 of a rare form of cancer normally associated with asbestos exposure.

George W. wants $87 BILLION to fix Iraq and that probably isn't going to be enough in any case. I do hope this whole thing continues to drag on so that all of America can see what a stumbling and bumbling cowboy fool he is. Of course, there will still be a core of idiots who will vote for him no matter what he does but hopefully more and more people will begin to see him for the cancer he is.

Oh hey, remember Osama? They may have him cornered in Afghanistan. I wonder what his capture or death will mean to terrorism and the further attacks against US interests. My guess is that it won't slow them down in any way. Same thing for the eventual capture or killing of Saddam, funny though, haven't seen anything at all in the news about the hunt for Saddam even though its pretty well accepted that he's still alive and kicking.