A New Blogger with a Good Message to Share
Many folks out here on the west coast are already well aware of the free market site for things of all things that is Craigslist but now Craig has begun his own blog. He's both a reasoned man and a good writer as well and I, for one, am glad that he's tossed his hat into the blogging ring. It can only be strengthened by his addition and insight.

Thanks to MetaFilter for the link.

Also, U.S. Army Used Media Cover in Iraq for Own Ends which raises some interesting questions about using the media to achieve military goals. I've no answers but lots of questions on this one.

In Nauseating Fake War Hero News
Rick Bragg, the wanker who's going to write the Jessica Lynch prisoner of war book, has been talking up what a great story she has to tell. Only problem is that she's already gone on record as saying that she doesn't remember much of the whole ordeal. An ordeal that's been so severely trumped up and faked that its bordering on some Wag the Dog sort of bullshit. She wasn't rescued, she was all but alone in the hospital when they got to her. The Iraqi medical people had actually tried to deliver her to the US forces.

That and she's not a hero for having gotten lost and captured. She wasn't stabbed or tortured or shot. She got hurt because of her own unit's mistakes. How can people give such a damn about a fake war hero? Oh yeah, because the American public is dumb enough to buy George W. Bush Aviator Hero dolls regardless of the fact that the smirking monkey (or is it the simpering chimp? I can never tell) has never been a pilot in the military and the fact that someone had the pure audacity to make him over into a war hero and people are actually buying the fucking doll is just too thoroughly irritating to even begin to convey. I live in a nation of utterly contemptible sheep who will buy whatever version of the truth is rammed down their throats. Fucking conformist dittoheaded fools who would follow a leader, any leader into a boiling vat of acid if the story was spun right.