More Cheddary Fun with the Cheddar X
1. What is the best or most sentimental vacation you have ever taken and why?
Christmas on Montserrat in the Caribbean with my family years and years ago. Aside from the nasty sunburn, it was a great time to be with my family, spend time without distractions and enjoy each other's company.

2. Which poses the next-what is the worst or most regrettable?
I don't think I've ever regretted a vacation, there are some that could have been better planned like the hiking trip down the Fish River Canyon in Namibia but overall, I've enjoyed every vacation I've been on. And the next couple will be good fun with a trip to New England next week and then the honeymoon a few weeks later.

3. If you could go back and change one decision or action that you made, what would it be?
There is a question of causality here that Jim has already brought up. If you went back to change one thing then how can the rest of your life have played out as it did? If you went back to change one thing then its conceivable that everything that came after it would not have happened.
But if I could change one thing and not have it ripple through the rest of my life then I'd have to say it would be driving home from a party one night, years and years ago, after having had too much to drink. Suffice it to say that things didn't go well.

4. What are you most proud of in your life?
Graduating from UCSC comes to mind, travelling to South Africa on my own is also there. Finishing my first novel was a good one too. Never having spent a night in jail is another. And, never having even tried cocaine ever, that's a good one!

5. What one memory from your childhood sticks out most in your mind?
Bouncing on my father's knees, playing the horsey game where the "punchline" is he pretends to let me fall to the floor when he suddenly opens his legs but he always catches me.

6. What are your thoughts on homosexual marriage?
If its based on mutual love and respect and understanding then who am I to say its wrong? The idea of calling it a union instead of a marriage doesn't work for me because it differentiates a gay marriage from a hetero one. And different breeds intolerance from the narrow minded Bible thumping set who have far too much power over people who don't believe as they do. Gay people should be allowed to enjoy all the benefits of being married.

7. What 3 laws would you change or enact if you had the power to do so?
Legalize marijuana and spend the money being spent on the "war" to educate and provide help to those people who need it. And no, I'm not talking about legalizing harder drugs like heroin, crack, crank and other nasties. Pot isn't perfect but its also not going to get people out robbing convenience stores.
Implement a strong department of checks and balances that watchdogs the current government and makes sure that they are engaging in above board activities and not breaking the law everyday of the year.
Nationalized health care. We're the world's super power and there are still plenty of people right now in this country who can't get healed because of the expense, the time off work and other variables. That's sad and pathetic.
One more for good measure, I'd add a sin tax to cigarettes, booze and other sin items. The monies generated from the tax would be used to defer some of the demonstrated elevated costs of healthcare for smokers and drinkers.

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