How About Some Hot Cheddar X, It's Cheesier Action?
1. Of the cast of characters in your life today, who amongst them are people that you cannot envisage your life without?
The first is easy, P. We're getting married next week so I don't have any desire to not have her as a main and central figure in my life. There are lots of others, my immediate family including my nephews, without whom I wouldn't be able to be the favorite uncle, I'd still be the favorite cousin but its different when you get to the uncle stage and I'm sure that it will change again when the title changes to dad. I've got a good group of friends, I wouldn't want to go through life without them. And there's no way I could get through my life without my boys, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker.

2. If you could name a Talk Like Day (as in our recent Talk Like a Pirate Day), what day would you initiate?
Easy ones would be Talk Like John Wayne Day or Talk Like Bob Dylan Sings Day. But why go easy when we could go with something really hard like, Talk Like an Egyptian (with a nod to the Bangles), Talk Like A Homeless Guy with a Serious Drinking Problem and No Frotn Teeth Day or Talk Like Buddha Day (which invokes all kinds of curious spinoffs, like Talk Like Jesus Day, Talk Like David Hume Day, Talk Like Descartes Day, Talk Like Shakespeare Day or Talk Like Thoreau Day). I like this one.

3. What's your favorite home remedy for a cold or flu?
Miso soup, as hot as possible. Lots of it too.

4. What's your most embarassing moment? (I could swear this has been asked before but I can't find it anywhere)
There are so many, its hard to choose. I think I'll go with the time I was hungover and trying to put in an order at McDonald's when I was pants-ed (you know, when a "pal" sneaks up behind you and yanks your pants to the ground) and if I recall properly, I was not sporting any undergarments that day.

5. What's the funniest product name you've come across or invented?
The Crack Creme was a pretty good one and is the most immediate one that comes to mind.

6. What's your ideal honeymoon?
Six years on an island in nice warm waters with my new wife, lots of supplies, no other people and a go kart track, mountain bike trails, snorkeling gear and no hassles whatsoever. Maybe 8 years. Oh yeah, and a radio that could just barely get in Giants games from PacBell Park.

And in the Belated Spirit of Talk Like a Pirate Day
My pirate name is Bloody Jack Roberts, as disclosed by Your Pirate Name, with a thanks to Esther for the link.