Still Unsure of Bush's Track Record?

There are alot of people out there in the blog world and the real world proclaiming that Bush isn't as bad as Clinton was or couldn't be, shudder to think, worse.

To them I offer this simple, humble and humbling bar graph. And I ask, how can you possibly say that we're better off under this regime than under Clinton? ShrubCo is emptying the coffers not only for now but future presidents as well. He's practicing a really, really shitty tactic called Scorched Earth, basically making the next president's job that much harder by runnig up debts and ruining any remaining good will we might have in the world as he's screwing the US over but good. Nice work! [Update: There's a concurrent news story that discusses the government's reaction to these quite startling numbers. Its located right here.]

ShrubCo's Budget Deficit

Yes, the bars were still red when Clinton got into office but he reversed the trend and created a budget surplus. In the span of a single year, Bush reversed that surplus by almost $300 billion. And is going another $300 billion on top of that. This is what is known as being an unfettered spending freak. In two years he went from having a $127 billion surplus to a nearly half a TRILLION dollar shortfall. Think about that for a moment.

Keep in mind that these are BILLIONS of dollars this fool is wasting. That's NINE zeros! These are tremendously huge sums of money that are being spent without regard to the future? Why? Because ShrubCo knows that it will be up to the Democrats to try and repair the damage they cause everytime one of the rabid little GOP monkey jabbers gets into the Oval Office.

While I understand that there are greater machinations at work here than just the President's personal wealth building agenda, he is still largely responsible for the fiscal health of this country. By his leadership we either live to excess or learn to live within our means. With the current business climate of corporate raiding and monstrous greed by top executives, we have found ourselves losing more and more money to thieves in $5,000 suits. We are a nation of excess, a nation that believes we have a right to waste as much as we wish to because we're the most powerful nation on earth. Our culture has been led astray by our "leader" (who I cannot say is my leader because I wouldn't follow him anywhere). We are morally bankrupt and well on our way to being financially bankrupt as well.

ShrubCo reminds me a frat boy, living in the moment and having a great time but never remembering that there are finals coming up, there's a life after college and he'll have to have some kind of plan. So far all I can see is the gross and overt theft of American billions. Or maybe its a covert redistribution of wealth from the poor back to the rich. Is ShrubCo the anti-Robin Hood?

Am I one of the only ones who can see through his smirking lies to the basic core fact that he is poison to our country? That this path he is leading us down is one of hatred and worldwide vilification? That his pals are making hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars by stealing America? That he is, in fact and deed, a criminal with no regard for the millions of people he has lied to and stolen from?

[Update: This is also being discussed over on Intellectual Properties and references leblancs remarks in the comments section.]