An Observation
How can it be comfortable to ride a bike with the seat angled up so sharply as to mash one's penis against the seat?

I just watched a guy go riding by on his BMX bike with the seat at about a 35 degree angle upward in the front. How can that be comfortable?

Oh yeah, I'm thinking about starting another page called "View from my Office Window" which would be a collection of pics taken from my window. You'd be surprised at the traffic and things I get to watch. Especially the wild cat and her kittens in the morning!

And go hit up Stiletto Philosophy for a short list of things that piss Carlene off! I'm right there with her on several points. And could write about a thousand pages on other ones.

Those Crazy Japanese Fashions
The Japanese continue to lead the world in funky and fresh fashions. Forget Versace, forget Polo, the real new fashions in the world are being created in Japan.
Tiger Bikini Top
The Tiger Bikini Top was made in celebration of a Japanese baseball team's mascot who just happens to share the same name as Truckee, California up near Tahoe.

The top comes with shorts and a detachable tail (I wonder if the Japanese can make a non detachable tail by now?) and sells for a measly $80. I'm sure there are some jokes in here somewhere but I'll steer clear for now.