Many Steps on the Runaway Wedding Express
Okay, first things first, I'm no longer a dark brunnette. I'm back to good fun summer hair and am more blonde now than ever before. Pics are forthcoming.

Next, we took care of our catering needs in the middle of a loud and crowded Mexican market in Watsonville that took a good half hour of driving around to find. And that included one stop at a bakery (Panderia?) for some sugared rolls, funk cake, filled turnovers and Sprite Remix (read that, Sprite, why yes we are marketing this beverage to the minority demographics and, tangentally, to all the skinny white kids who love rap music but are scared of black people, for further research, go and read up on Mountain Dew Code Red Penetration into Depressed Urban Environments, maybe it'll come up on Google).

Anyway, a lady with a pad of paper taking notes as we talked over what we wanted, when we wanted it and how we wanted it delivered and presented. And so, in theory, we are done more or less done with the catering side of the game. Of course, there will be details to iron out, there always are, but the bulk of the mission has been accomplished and I think we can cross it almost all the way off our lists.

Which only leaves 97,000 other things to do and take care of.

Another big one is the mailing of the Save the Date dealies. What had been a somewhat lukewarm creative effort really became something much cooler than either of us has thought or hoped. The design and execution of the layout and formats looks great and we will have a large number to drop in the mail tomorrow.

Because P was thinking ahead, we were also addressing invitation envelopes with the same addresses. Saves time down the road and its yet another thing to X off the lists and that's almost as good as sex right now. Speaking of which, is it normal for a man's sex drive to get turned up or down pending a wedding?

And yeah, I'm very, very blond now. I will have to shave more often (bummer, more than once a week?) but it looks excellent and is especially nice combined with another excellent haircut from P who picked up some new clippers this morning. And that means she can start working in shifts at the salon across the street from her present work. Cool beans.

Okay, plans for this week include: reviving the near dead book project, three resistance workouts, three cardio workouts, at least one good trail ride, a night of creating reception favors (which will look bitchin' if I do say so myself).

A couple of quick food notes, P made up some fried green tomatoes today that were pretty nice with a sesame miso dressing. And, there is no better fast Asian food than Charlie Hong Kong's Spicy Dan's Peanut with Teriyaki Glazed Salmon. Assuming they don't cheese it up by not putting enough sauce on (apparently an epidemic that's been resolved by the purchase of better to-go containers), it is an incredible mix of peanut spice, cilantro, bean sprout crunch and noodle. The salmon adds another dimension of flavor and then the fresh lime squeezed over it all finishes it off to perfection.

Also, I've got a review of the Sony Clie NX70 Personal Entertainment Organizer in the works.

I'll be sad to see the end of the flood of hits from the Kobe Bryant picture fun from the end of last week but that's okay. This week will have its own excitement, I'm sure.