Cooking Post: Sous Vide and Air Fryers

Vacuum sealed potatoes
Vacuum sealed potatoes ready for sous vide.
About 8 months ago or so, I got a sous vide device for about $50. A very basic Curtis Stone (infomercial guy apparently) model that is large but works reasonably well. I got an 8 liter clear Cambro for my bath and a cheap vacuum sealer.

And it worked really well. I've made all kinds of awesome food in it including pork chops, steaks, potatoes and poached apples and pears. My current favorite is to peel and cut up a few potatoes, seal them up with spices and a little butter, sous vide them for an hour or two and then now the new thing is to throw them into the air fryer to speed crisp them.

They aren't quite the best potatoes I've ever had or made but they are damned close and waaaaaay easier.

Along the way there have been some attempted upgrades and then some real upgrades and I've got at least one more planned. I got a "better" vacuum sealer off Ebay and it has a ton more features and does work well in almost every way with the fatal exception of a dead spot on the sealer, no matter how much air got sucked out, it would never stay sealed. And that also meant water infiltration.

Eventually I got a really good vacuum sealer that I kind of love, its a Nesco VS-12 and part of why I love it is because its big and powerful and has a locking handle instead of clips and a built in place to hold bags to cut to size and seal. And it can be used on dry and moist things, not quite wet but moist. 

A couple of weeks ago, my kid and I were at Target and happened to remember to check out the appliances aisle and came across a larger air fryer on a good deal and got it. And have been having a delicious time making fries, hash browns, fish sticks, chicken nuggets/tenders and roasted potatoes in it! I wish it weren't quite so big and that it had some with a second rack to double cooking space but this thing has been freaking awesome!

Going straight from sous vide into the air fryer is resulting in outstanding potatoes! And they are as easy as it gets. My previous easy method was to wash and then slice the potatoes with a mandoline but sliced potatoes are space hogs, cubed and partially cubed are much better uses of cooking space.

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