A Big Bucket

I'm going to try and keep this post open and adding to it all day long. The general idea is to try and capture most of the best stuff that passes by my digital stoop, sometimes I'll comment, sometimes I'll just arch a brow and move on. I'd love an easy means of grabbing and adding here but I think this is going to be fairly labor intensive and I'm likely to forget all about it by noon anyway.

Changed my profile background image this morning to this....
And not because I have any special affinity for New York City, I really don't though I've spent enough time there. I just dig on the perspective, the details and the coloring.

Dropped a few comments on posts that I'll not add here as out of context comments aren't really helpful at all.

I deeply enjoyed the sad irony of this The Daily Show bit with a racist profiling jackwad radio wanker.

Heard about the 28 year sentence getting upheld for one Mark Ciaverella Jr. a Pennsylvania judge convicted of literally selling people into privately owned prison, adults and children as young as ten. I'm not an overly vengeful man but I think this guy should die for the lives he's ruined for his own greed. As my co-worker says, there are crimes worse than murder and I think stealing other people's years for your greed is worse. Murder just leaves a dead person and an empty hole in the lives of their family. Putting an innocent person in jail for a long period of time ruins their life and steals their years. Blog post on it is here.

Just came back from my morning pedal at work. My 7th work ride this week which means I've basically found an extra 30 miles of riding! Best part is I set a new PR for my 4 mile blast by shaving 3 seconds off my previous best, now down to 14:22 for 4 miles on a single speed cruiser! Hoping to convert the single speed into a 6 or 7 speed this weekend so I'll be even faster next week.

Which lead me to look at and sign up for Fitocracy (you can go find their site if you want, I'm not giving them clicks). A social website for people working out, or some such. Only thing is, upon signing up, I found out I've instantly got "friends" and "groups" that the site decided I needed in order to be fulfilled. Amazingly enough, all the "friends" they forced on me just happened to be the fucking assholes who started the site. That's right. Sign up and you're instantly their "friend". Shocking that they have more than 100,000 "friends" isn't it? And the groups they shoved me into? Let's see, Running - FAIL, Over 40 - Wow, figured that out all by your fucking selves with my birthdate?, Welcome to Fitocracy - oh boy, a bunch of fucking idiots asking stupid questions!, Couch to 5K - again, running? fucking FAIL!

After a little bit of figuring out how to remove the jackasses from my fake friend list and then another bit of time getting out of the stupid ass groups they decided I needed to be in. I pretty much hate the site, the concept, the people and even the name (Fitocracy = douchocracy). I'm not sure why I haven't deleted my account and moved on yet. Maybe I just like to slowly peel bandaids off....Yeah, deleted the account. Can't and won't put up with sites that behave like assholes like that.

What else? I'm sure there's plenty more I could add as I started this a few days ago now and nothing has slowed down since. It never does. Learning that has been an important life lesson for me. Knowing that the merry go round will always be there, always spinning, regardless of whether you are there or not, regardless of whether you are watching or not. This can be comforting or upsetting depending.
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