Scorecard Weekend Wrap

Decent form but my center of gravity is too high.
Like much of my life, my expectations and reality are like ships passing in the night, they can see each other but are clearly not on the same trajectory. But all is well that ends well which is a more elegant way of saying that as long as you wrap up the weekend on a high note, the rest of it will seem that much better through that lens.

And the weekend did wrap up nicely. I finally got out for a very badly needed mountain bike ride, book ended by some laps on the pump track, the later laps with my two boys rolling too. Lots of fun and really a great place for them to get some exercise and learn how to handle their bikes better. So much fun that today actually marks the fourth straight day of pump track fun for them.

The bummer news that was whispered at the track and then confirmed this evening is that the pump track's days are numbered. Not quite as numbered as first thought but come summer or fall, the track will be bulldozed under and new developments will start being built. I hope Aptos is able to find another place for this awesome resource. At one point this afternoon there must have been twenty kids riding bikes around the track and on it. Made for a little more delays in getting laps in but it was worth it to see so many kids using the place.

Saturday was spent doing house stuff, fixing things, cleaning things and the like. My two projects were to replace the toilet flapper in one bathroom and then to replace the faucet in the other. The flapper was done in less than five minutes. The faucet? Not so much. 20+ years of hard water leakage had sealed on tap shut completely so I ended up spending a few hours just getting the crap pulled off. But, in the end, it is all back in and mostly complete. We stopped house stuff for a few hours on Saturday for more pump track time and I stopped working on Sunday to go and get some very badly needed trail time.

I also finally upgraded my Maglite with a Nite-Ize LED bulb upgrade. I saw it at OSH for $8 and snagged it. Now my old school Maglite throws a very bright beam again and it'll milk those batteries for months!
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