Happy We Littered The World Day! or the Fifth of July!

It is so odd, we buy fireworks from China to celebrate our independence from England. Isn't that a bit like trading out one pimp for another? No matter though, our world was full to the brim with explosions, star bursts, booms and sparkling fountains. And we didn't even have to go anywhere! Aside from my hound dog having another really long night of panting and semi-panicked ducking and covering last night was a pretty good night.

My wife and the boys walked/rode in the town parade yesterday for the pre-school. I took photos for the teacher and enjoyed blasting around downtown on my mountain bike. But the downside is that the staging of the parade took hours and hours are too much to try and keep little kids engaged. Plus, I got a light sunburn on my arms which I wasn't sure was possible. But not bad at all.

Sunday was also a very big day in our house as it was Graydon's 7th birthday! The kid is growing up far too fast but he's still at a fun age and was thrilled that it was His Day! We did family stuff together for most of the day though my wife worked on her Ebay (thanks Ebay for changing your fee structure and forcing all your sellers to re-jigger their pricing as a result, super good use of our time!) a bit in the morning. In the late afternoon we got out to the beach at Seacliff for a little bit as it was too damned hot in the middle of the day (and Seacliff was, if the crowd at 5 was anything to go by, incredibly super over-packed with people that would have sucked to have had to deal with). But we got out there at the right time, the heat of the day was being blown off by the incoming fog but it hadn't gotten quite chilly yet. A nice quick beach trip and then off to burgers for dinner and some Baskin Robbins ice cream to celebrate the birthday boy some! There is a regular kid party in our near(ish) future for both boys but we've been so busy that it had to wait until after their birthdays had passed. One thing I love about this age is that both my boys are totally infatuated with Legos so they are nearly always a good gift. Grady got two small sets that make three models each and both boys have been very happy building one model, taking it apart and then building one of the others. Good stuff! The other fun thing he got was the game Battleship, the old analog version, no batteries, just two grids on each player side and bunch of red and white pegs and five little boats a piece. We had alot of fun playing it several times (and I bought the EA version for my iPad so we could learn how to play more easily, it was on sale this weekend for a buck!).

Oh yeah, kind of minor in the grander scheme but I'm back to my summer hair which means I'm rocking near platinum hair again. And, oh by the way, blondes do have more fun, they also, apparently, get laid more often too... I don't remember the bleaching making my scalp so maddeningly itchy last year because this time around was brutal, it felt like my entire scalp was on fire! But damn, the results look pretty darned good to me. I can't help but blow myself "You so sexy" kisses in every mirror I pass (no, not really).

There was also the rather superb UFC 132 event on Saturday night. Seriously some of the best fights I've seen in a while. I got to see Chris Leben take on Wanderlei Silva and knew one of them was getting KTFO (knocked the fuck out). I like Wanderlei but I'm a Crippler fan and was happy to see Leben put Silva out. The only blackmark on my predictions (made on Twitter as the telecast was starting) was taking Ryan Bader over the aging but, apparently, still got some fire in his belly and fury in his fists Tito Ortiz who rolled Bader and forced him to tap. I'm not a Tito fan but man did he lay it all out and took the W home (which he desperately needed). And let's not forget about Carlos Condit and his holy shit flying knee knockout of Stun Gun, very, very impressed with Condit since he put Dan Hardy down and out.

In other sporting news, Pablo Sandoval is starting to find his big league stroke again after coming back from hand surgery. He started slowly but has been making good contact again and is putting the ball in play or just blasting it out of the park altogether. A healthy Panda is a great sign for the Giants as they start to face the dog days!
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