Whoa, Fell Off the Wagon Something Fierce There

Yes, he meant to do that. And he landed it too!
You know its been a long time since you've blogged when you get an email from your mom asking why there haven't been any new posts in a while. And then I swing through here to see that we're going on three weeks since the last peevy post about stuff I'm over.

What's been going on? Work. Lots of work. Combine that with two boys play tee ball, working at least one and usually two nights a week and then also trying to get in workouts and that equals something gets squeezed out.

For now that has been this blog which is okay. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy blogging any less and don't find value in doing these posts. I certainly do but the more immediate nature of Twitter is distracting me from posting. As well as all of the other hats that I have to wear in a given day.

Let's do a quick scorecard to catch up, shall we?

Photos taken last weekend: 1,016 (I was working as an event photog at the SC Mountain Bike Festival in Aptos, post is forthcoming on NorCal Bikers, promise).
Arms and backs of legs sunburnt last weekend: 2 and 2.
Latest workout passion: Swimming. Lots of it. I'm planning on swimming around the Santa Cruz wharf several times over the summer and need to build up my strength.
Latest workout desire: Dirt time, I am in desperate need of one, two or more long mountain bike rides.
The recurring hassle: There is a large (five foot by 8 foot) hole in my deck from repairs started weeks ago and then back-burnered due to a pressing family matter. I'd like my desk back although it is kind of cool pretending the hole is really a snake pit.
Another recurring hassle: My car needs some repairs that there just isn't any money for right now. So I have to do some silly things to make the car usable after dark. It'll be nice when there's a little breathing room and we can get the little things fixed up.
My pending bummer: The Sea Otter Classic is this weekend. It is a giant celebration of all things on two wheels with races, demos, exhibitions, activities and more all centered around the bicycle and all the myriad interpretations of what two wheels and a frame actually means. But, because of Tee Ball, my wife's work hours and a birthday party, it looks like I'm probably going to miss all four days of the event this year and that makes me sad, sad, sad.
Some good work news: I had my annual review a couple of weeks ago, got a very good to excellent in most every category and got a raise! That'll help a bit!

It is also appearing that my rather ambitious plans for compete in six triathlons this year is going to have to be majorly scaled back and I'll be lucky to get into two before the year is out. Which is a bummer but I'm okay with it as there is always next year and, hopefully, things will be slowing down a bit then. Maybe.
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