UFC 126 Scorecard

FanFest in San Francisco ended up being a good day. We were pretty sure we weren't even going to get in since Murph announced the event was sold out while we were still driving into the city. But we went anyway, wandered around the outside of the park and then got lucky as they opened the 2nd Street Gate and we were able to walk out onto the field with literally no wait at all!

Damn, there were some crazy ass fights last night. A snoozer in Torres vs Banuelos but most of the rest of the card was pretty darned good. And the whole night culminated in the kick heard round the world as Anderson Silva retained his title, extended his record wins and title defenses and made Vitor Belfort smell his foot before he went to bed!

A straight front kick to the face ended Vitor's chances and put him several blocks down Where Am I? Street. I'd add the gif of the kick here but its 10 megs and I'm just not that mean to folks on slower connections (usually). Kevin Iole, who was ringside for Yahoo Sports!, said that he could hear the ball of Silva's foot connect with Belfort's jaw!

It was a good card and my calls were pretty solid so, instead of an update to the last post, I'm making a whole new one.

How'd I do? I went a very strong 9-2 on my predictions last night. I missed on Cerrone's dominant win over Paul Kelly (what was up with his bogus glove tap sucker punch thing?) and then on Forrest beating Franklin. But, on the upside, I called Mendes and Torres on the unanimous decision and even called Ellenberger on the split decision win. Why yes, I am proud of my calls!

The other interesting twist to last night was a tweet from Dan Henderson that he was watching the fights with Brad Penny. I asked Hendo to ask Penny if he regretted not sticking with the Giants for 2010 season (you know, the one they won the World Series in) and Penny actually responded directly to me. Not once but twice and both tweets changed my perceptions of him.

This Twitter thing is a crazy medium.

And now, I'm going to pack up my car and go shred some trails before heading up to a Super Bowl Party with our football pool crew and accept my repeat champion accolades and money! That's right, did I forget to mention that I won our local football pool for the second year in a row? Oh hell yeah! I did need a San Diego Padres sized choke from the leader to slide in for the win but I'll take it!

Looking for the Steelers to make something happen today and to take home the trophy! Let's go, Steelers!
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