More Stuff That Is Made in the USA

In keeping with a ultimate challenge from the end of 2010, here's a post highlighting a few companies and products that are Made in USA, not in China. This list will grow, believe that!

New Balance - the only major shoe manufacturer to still produce shoes in the United States. It helps quite a bit that the shoes they make fit my feet so well and I like them alot. It also helps that they have a naked and painted silver Maggie Vessey on their homepage (she's a pro runner and is, ummm, fit). The site is very pro-female athleticism too which is all good by me, I'm very pro-human athleticism but particularly enjoy/appreciate fit womens as much as the next guy (who can see his feet without a mirror and isn't scared to work up a sweat).

Leatherman - the company that officially started the multi-tool industry and makers of some of the finest pocket toolsets available. Made in Portland, Oregon of the US of A!

Park Tool Co. - some of the best bike repair and maintenance tools available anywhere. And, aside from multi-tools, their products are made in the USA.

Maglite® Flashlights - time was, you weren't a pile of beans unless you had a nice club-like Maglite d-cell flashlight. It was not only bright enough to disorient someone, it was heavy and solidly built enough to fend off an attacking bear.

LL Bean - I grew up in Vermont where winter is no joke and I grew up on LL Bean gear. It was well made and dependable and the place had a no bullshit return policy, return anything at any time for a full refund. I even knew people who'd buy LL Bean stuff at thrift shops specifically to return it and convert used gear into brand new gear. Yes, I knew some shady (some might call it creatively thrifty) people. Anyway, LL Bean's catalog clearly includes items not manufactured in the USA but their world famous and awesome Bean's Duck Boots are definitely Made in USA.

There will be more added to this list as I find out about them. Got a favorite Made in USA company? I'd love to hear about them. Leave me a comment or drop me an email.

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