What a Weekend!

180 degrees of Turning Wheels for Kids Awesomeness!

My wife might say otherwise but this was a pretty great weekend for me almost all the way around. From getting up early and driving to San Jose to take part in Turning Wheels for Kids to getting a good workout in on the way home to enjoying some pretty great fights at UFC 124 and then having most of Sunday to be with my kids which included getting our Christmas tree, this was a good weekend! I even got some chores taken care of which always helps.

First off, the Turning Wheels for Kids event in San Jose. I'd read about it last year on Twitter from several folks who went and helped out. I knew I wanted to see what it was about and made sure to keep my name in the mix as the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC) were putting together a build team. Now, I'm not the best or fastest wrench in the west and I didn't have a bike stand. But I have some skills and was able to assemble 5 of the 2500 bikes that needed assembling. The last one ended up going to the Franken Build area as it had a wonky grip shift but it still counts! I also took a bunch of photos, shot a few panoramas and got to know my club members a little bit more. It was a seriously cool event and I would definitely take part in another.

I suggested several times how great it would be to have something like this at the Sea Otter Classic, sort of a drop-in bike build tent to help get bicycles to families that wouldn't otherwise be able to have bikes for the kids. I'm sure it is way more complicated than just putting up a tent and inviting wrenches in to assemble bikes though I will probably suggest it to the Sea Otter Classic twitter account.

Moving on Turning Wheels for Kids, I stopped in at the gym on my way by for a quick workout, I've been trying out HIIT, that's High Intensity Interval Training. I get bored to tears running on a treadmill for 30 or 40 minutes so I'm trying out HIIT to see how it works for me. One thing, you cannot get bored sprinting at top speed, you just don't have the extra energy or attention span. Two, the cardio part of the workout is over almost before you've really gotten going. I'm doing just a 15 minute run with a couple of minutes of warm up and cooldown bookending the work in the middle. The way it works is to go at 95% of maximum effort (basically just go full on balls out!) for a short period, 30 seconds in my case right now, and then a recovery period of 3-4 times the effort phase. That's 30 seconds on, 90 seconds cruise, repeat five times for a very fast ten minute run

I've only had a couple of these workouts so far and am still working out the kinks in how it works for me. But, so far, I really like them. They are over quickly, you work up a major sweat, you get to sprint on a treadmill which kind of freaks other people out and then its on to regular weight training. And, in my case the other, a decent little swim afterwards to really work everything out.

From there I headed back home to be family man again for a bit. In between helping out with the kids, I watched a few UFC fights on the way to the main event five round ass kicking of Josh "the Angry Fraggle" Koscheck by the best fighter on the planet, Georges St-Pierre. Seriously, this fight was not even close. GSP closed up Kos' right eye in the first and then just picked him apart for four more rounds. I would have liked to see GSP finish off Kos with a TKO or KO but it was a pretty impressive clinic he put on nonetheless.

Sunday was a Poppa day as my kids call it. No work for me and a busy day for my wife meant that I was on duty. And we had a pretty low key morning, playing with cars, tracks and the like. We did eventually get dressed and loaded into the car for a little Christmas shopping at Cost Plus (which wasn't nearly as insane as I expected) and then a fairly short trip to CostCo in which I forgot two of the main things I was supposed to get there. But oh well.

There was also a Forty-Niners drubbing of the Seahawks in the mix which is always nice!

Last night we got out for a quick tree shopping trip. Our options were the local Orchard Supply Hardware or driving down to Marina to go the Target there that has a garden center. I was pretty sure we'd find what we wanted/needed locally. The other compromise was that I wanted to go for a full-sized tree and my wife wanted to keep with the half sized tree as she's positive the dog's tail will be death to her glass ornaments if the tree is left on the ground level. I hope she's wrong but we'll be taking some steps to ensure less breakage rather than more wherever possible.

And now we're back to the last week of work before the holiday break. There are some perks to working in education and a nice long Christmas break is one of them. Looking forward to more family time, more workout time and more getting crap down around the house time!

How was your weekend?
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