One Game To Go

The sea of orange clad Giants fans are pinching themselves this morning after Madison Bumgarner served notice on the national stage that he is here and he is to be feared. Ths 21 year old kid carried himself like a long seasoned veteran last night, he pitched 8 dominant innings of shutout ball before handing it over to Brian Wilson for a, thankfully, drama free finish to a 4-0 shut out of the Texas Rangers to give the Giants a commanding 3-1 World Series lead.

The awesome sauce was flowing liberally last night. Between MadBum's pitching wizardry, Freddy Sanchez' fielding wizardry and the combo Torres and Sanchez working pitch counts all night long and getting on base and then Aubrey Huff's first post season dinger to break open the scoreboard and Buster "ROY" Posey's blast to cement the lead, there is a distinct feeling of "This is the Giants year!". Fifty six years have gone by since this team won a world title, they haven't won one since they came west.
All of that will change tonight when Tim Lincecum takes the hill against Cliff Lee for a rematch of game 1.

I'd like to note my little part in all of this.

For Games One and Two of the World Series, I was parked on my couch and was drinking Rolling Rock beer. The Giants won both games. For Game Three, we were at a birthday/Halloween party where I was, clearly, not on my couch though I was drinking Rolling Rocks. The Giants lost Game Three. Can you guess where I was for Game Four? Damn straight. I was back on my couch drinking Rolling Rocks. And what was the final score for Game Four? Four to Nothing. The Giants have shut out the much vaunted offensive powerhouse that is the Texas Rangers not once but twice.

Sure, I know that, logically, my actions have nothing to do with the on-field play of the Giants but you can for damned sure bet that I will be posted up on my couch with some Rolling Rocks again come game time tonight for Game 5!

I'm amazed at how little torture there has been in the World Series. After a season of tortured wins from the Giants, they are handling the Rangers with relative ease. Much to the peeved chagrin of Nolan Ryan and George Dubya Bush (ain't nothing wrong with pissing him off, nosirreebob!).

I'm not counting chickens yet, there's still alot of baseball left to go but with the Giants in the driver's seat and the Rangers reeling after yet another devastating loss, the end IS near, east coast sports bias be damned! And, honestly, the talk about the World Series having bad ratings because New York or Boston isn't in it doesn't mean a damned thing to me. My team is in it, my team is one win away from winning it all. That other baseball fans don't care to watch tells me they are fair weather ball fans at best. This has been a GREAT post season and is shaping up to be a World Series for the record books.
As for me, I will be doing my part (I know, its tough!) and will be on my couch at game time with a beer in my hand and a hope in my heart that tonight is the night my San Francisco Giants bring home the biggest prize in all of baseball by, according to some, one of the most unlikely teams ever! But any day that includes a Tim Lincecum (or Matt Cain or Madison Bumgarner) start is a day that the Giants can win!
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