ADHD Stew or The Weekend Wrap

My wife has become ever more vigilant of physical examples of my ADHD manifesting itself in an effort to cut down on the distractions presented to my older son. The goal, of course, is to give him more tools to be able to keep himself on task and my occasional ADHD-on-speed techno-awesomeness sometimes disrupts those plans.

Like this weekend where I had my laptop feeding internet football feeds into a picture in picture display on the main tv so I could track two games at once. By the way, Veetle is an outstanding resource for internet video feeds. The randomness is almost as awesome as the chance to catch movies that are still in the theatres (The Expendables and Salt have been on heavy rotation). Veetle is, basically, a video-re-broadcasting site. All of the feeds are set up by end users and the media is streamed from their machine. Whatever they feel like showing is what gets shown. And on Sundays there are always a couple of football feeds to grab.

So yeah, it was fun being able to switch between football games and then also adding in the Wii, we put in some time trying to finish the first episode of the Lego Star Wars Saga (which I finished after the kids had gone down).

We also had a couple of Skype chats, also broadcast to the big tv for maximum little kid engagement. We spoke with my brother, his wife and two kids in Cape Town in South Africa for a little while which was fun. And then we chatted with my mom and step-Dad for a little while too. I think I want my iPhone to be able to get a Skype video call transferred to it so I can wander around a little more. That would be nice. But it was fun catching up with my family.

I also happened to have a birthday over the weekend. Yes, my birthday is on 9/11. Yes, there's still a part of me that feels a little guilty about celebrating on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on US soil. But it gets a little easier each year, next year will be ten years after 9/11. All I'd wanted was for the Giants to get a third straight win against the Padres to take sole possession of first place in the NL West. But nope, they dropped game three to go one back and then to even things back up by taking game four yesterday (with some classic Lincecum dominance!).

Grady also had a soccer game on Saturday which could have been pretty traumatic but ended up being a great character building experience. During the halftime, one of his teammates booted a ball that happened to catch him square in the face. He was understandably pretty upset and shocked and a little hurt. After he cried for a minute or two in my lap, I asked him if he wanted to play again and, much to my surprise, he said yes. And he ran back around the field to let his coach to let him know he was good to go again.

To say that I was proud of him is an extreme understatement. I've had the lyrics to Chumbawumba's Tubthumper stuck in my head since, "I get knocked down but I get up again because they're never gonna keep me down." If the one thing he takes away from this soccer season is that he can and should get back up again and try again then it was well worth the time and effort (plus his uniform is pretty spiffy too).
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