UFC 118 Predictions

Some pretty interesting fights on tap at this weekend's UFC 118. As usual, I've got some predictions to make. These are the same calls I entered into the UFC Fantasy game and I've now broken into the top 100 in the last two events so I'm hoping to continue the trend.

Let's get to the calls.

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn
Prediction: BJ by Submission
Reason: BJ might just tear Edgar's head off. He's coming into this fight pissed off and a pissed off BJ Penn is a damned scary sight on the other side of the Octagon. I am not dismissing Frankie Edgar but I think he got a little underestimated last time and I think BJ is going to leave nothing to chance.

Randy Couture vs James Toney
Prediction: Couture by TKO
Reason: James Toney is a fantastic striker, that much is clear. What is unclear is whether he has any ground game at all. Against a typical MMA fighter he stands a reasonably good chance of landing a punch and ending the fight and he still stands that chance against Captain America. But Randy is smart enough to not try and stand with Toney. He will take him down, mount him and then proceed to beat the tar out of Toney.

Demian Maia vs Mario Miranda
Prediction: Maia by Submission

Kenny Florian vs Gray Maynard
Prediction: Florian by TKO (Hellbows!)
Reason: This could be the Fight of the Night. Both fighters are highly skilled and dangerous fighters. But the only guy I've seen handle Ken Flo was BJ Penn. Maynard could take Florian down and pound him out though. This should be a fun fight to watch!

Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis
Prediction: Diaz by Submission
Reason: I like both fighters a ton. Marcus is a great striker with a big heart while Nate's scrappy and tough as friggin' nails and has a mouth to goad an opponent out of their game plan. Another potential Fight of the Night here.

Joe Lauzon vs Gabe Ruediger
Prediction: Lauzon by TKO
Reason: Rudi was on The Ultimate Fighter a few years ago and set an all-time record for whiniest and neediest wanker/fighter ever. Yes, he's put together a nice record since but I'll never forget his drama queen antics begging BJ to shove him back in the sauna because he lacked the strength to do it himself. I hope Joe Lauzon knocks him out cold and out of the UFC altogether.

Andre Winner vs Nik Lentz
Prediction: Lentz by Unanimous Decision
Reason: I can't tell a lie, I am taking Lentz solely because I love his nickname, The Carny. It fits him perfectly.

Dan Miller vs John Salter
Prediction: Miller by TKO

Nick Osipczak vs Greg Soto
Prediction: Osipczak by TKO

Mike Pierce vs Amilcar Alves
Prediction: Pierce by Submission

So there you have it. Post your picks if you've got them or join the UFC Fantasy League and compete there too. I was #64 out of close to 15,000 players. You think you can beat me? Bring it!

Update: It was a pretty great night of fights with a few yawners and two big head scratchers in the mix. I ended up doing alright on my calls but missed 3 of the 10 fights, a 70% win isn't bad. I missed the call on Maynard beating Florian, Edgar dominating Penn and Osipczak losing the decision to Soto.

I ended up just outside the top 100 at 109 of 13002 with 121 points.

Best fight of the night was either Joe Lauzon's freight train ass kicking of Gabe "Godzirra" Ruediger or Nate Diaz taking on Marcus Davis. James Toney is a one and done freakshow who really did nothing in the ring and I'm guessing he didn't train for the fight at all, it was an easy paycheck to get beat up. Lame.

The big questions I came away with are: What is wrong with BJ Penn and Kenny Florian? Both looked lost while Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard pretty much had their way with them.

Good fights, good night!
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