Let's Wrap The Weekend Up

Because the weekend was the present and the present is a gift. And what did we make of our gift?

I played poker (badly) on Friday night with my pals. Stayed up too late and slept in on Saturday until almost 9 and did not get woken up by a little boy's face right all up in mine, that's what parents call a bonus! The best part of the night was cheering for the Giants with three other fans and seeing them take the first game of three from the Dodgers (who suck!).

We harvested our first zucchini from the garden, a whopper at more than 8 inches long and rather girthy. It also tasted pretty darned good and we were able to get Sully to eat some because he'd helped grow it. I knew the vegetable garden was a good idea. Now we just need to get Grady to try some but he's a picky, picky eater. He doesn't like sesame seeds on or in his inari, he doesn't like pepper (yes, the tiny little black bits) in his mac and cheese. He's got a rather complex set of eating rules that are very easy to break. Strangely there are zero rules on the sweets he'll eat and he requests dessert after every meal regardless of the meal itself. Yes, he wants desert after getting pancakes that have maple syrup on them. He doesn't get dessert but he asks for it.

I'm still waiting for the wild bush of sugar snap peas to stop its vertical expansion and start making me some peas. The plants are seriously huge and threatening to overtake the squash as dominant flora in the garden box which is saying something since the squash leaves can get over 20 inches across!

It also looks like we'll have a few ears of corn in a month or two which should be fun. No watermelons growing as of yet but its been crowded by the squash. The three kinds of basil are growing nicely now but the chives and carrots are lagging. Overall though, its been really nice to have the garden box and I'm excited to put in the next one once we've cleared the space out.

I also picked up a loaner set of Aero bars for my converted mountain bike cum triathlon road bike. Swapped out my knobbies for slicks, removed my bar ends to make room for the Aero bars, adjusted seating positions to try and get into a comfortable position to utilize the way improved aerodynamic position. If the bike stage didn't include one long straight directly into the wind then I'd likely not be bothering with the Aero bars but they will help shave lots of time.

I'm glad I got the bars this weekend though because there will definitely be some adjustments to using them. I didn't ride as hard or as long as I have been and found that I'm sore in a whole bunch of new places. Mostly lower back and shoulders from the new riding position but, in my unscientific tests, I was able to shave about 7 seconds off a large parking lot lap that took just about a minute off the bars. That is significant!

And yesterday was lots of house stuff, prepping for a yard sale next Saturday, trying on the wetsuit and, eventually, getting out to the beach to try some ocean swimming. The good news is that the wetsuit makes the temperature of the water a non-factor. Yes, the water is cold but the wetsuit insulates me well enough to not have to even think about it. Which is good since swimming through waves in a wetsuit is not easy at all. And the waves were rolling yesterday! I didn't really swim as much as I needed to but I did get myself fully comfortable both in the wetsuit and in the water.

I am planning on two more ocean swims this weekend to prepare for the race. But the nice thing is that this week is all about gathering strength and energy to peak on Sunday morning so I can go out and rip it up on the course!

Other weekend awesomeness:
The Giants swept the Dodgers at home and continue their second half surge of being the best team in the majors since the break. Oh yeah! Anytime I can say Dodgers and sweep with a smile is a very, very good time indeed!
I watched just a little bit of UFConVersus and saw Jake Ellenberger dominating John Howard (who might have to return his nickname of "Doomsday" because he wasn't bringing anything but backstepping to this fight).
We also finished Book 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and have moved into Book 3. It is a highly entertaining series, kind of a shame the movie of the same hasn't lived up to the promise and even forgets part of what makes the animated series so good. Oh well.
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