Whoa, What?

Things have been busy lately and the new work structure makes me work more and blog less which I suppose is a generally good thing. If you're my boss. Or I should say bosses since I technically now have eight bosses. I work at seven different schools with seven different principals and still have my director. Lots of bosses but it isn't a crappy Office Space situation.

Anyway, I'm working full-time and getting in increasingly long workouts as we've now entered less than two weeks to go time on my next triathlon. I've been training pretty consistently and pretty hard and feel confident in my fitness levels. I still need to work on my ocean swimming and transitions but I'm approaching this triathlon much like the last one. I'm not racing the people around me, I'm racing myself. If I race as well as I can then I truly do not care where I place (well, unless I'm DFL but that's unlikely).

And when I'm not working or training, I'm trying to give my wife a break from being on mom duty almost 24/7 with no school. They do have a bunch of stuff going which helps keep the day's moving but its still alot of work and very, very tiring especially since Sullivan basically does not stop making noise from the minute he wakes up until the minute he goes to sleep. He is an amazing little chatterbox and, when he's not speaking, he's barking, grunting, singing or doing something else to make noise. It is relentless and wearing after several hours. But Sully is a delightful little kid so it is mostly dealable. Not always but that's when the ability to "tag" out is invaluable. I have no idea how single parents possibly cope with young children, especially two rambunctious boys. Without a break I would absolutely without question lose my mind despite the fact that I adore my boys more than anything else in the world.

Graydon has his own share of things going on right now. He's pouty, petulant, selective and sometimes just downright difficult. This is, of course, not his norm. He is most of the time a happy, playful, funny and wonderful boy. He's mischievous and has a flair for the dramatic, he'll make up dances, he'll put on magic tricks and then he'll get very, very shy when someone asks him to show them his trick or dance or whatever. Its kind of funny but I sometimes worry that he might be self-doubting and that's preventing him from performing his tricks. He is old enough now that he and I can sit and talk and try to work things out. He will often utter some very surprising observations that remind me of both how clever he is and how he misses almost nothing. And he delights in adding to his resume of skills.

How odd, this post was going to be a post of links of good stuff I've been reading online and turned into an update on my (mostly) happy little family. Yes, I skipped my wife, she doesn't care for me to discuss her too much on the blog. I will say she's been doing a Cross Fit type class at the gym and is really liking it, its also getting her in really good shape which helps everything else. I love having an active family, I love knowing that we've got camping trips and biking trips and kayaking and skiing (or snowboarding) and surfing and everything else ahead of us.

But I need to get some work done before packing it in. So many projects half done that its nearly impossible to know which one to work on at any time. The competing priorities make it hard to get started.

Oh, and one last note, the boys and I have been watching and really enjoying Avatar: The Last Airbender via Netflix to the tv. Great entertaining series. We're just about to finish Book Two and move on to Book Three. We are absolutely loving having Netflix accesible via the tv, its almost made up for the several years of barely used Netflix-ing we did. We'd get a movie in the mail and sit on it for six to eight weeks before eventually sending it back unwatched. Not anymore!

Off to the darkroom for some photo work, I think.
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