New Word Blowout Friday!

That is right, friends, neighbors, porn bots and loonies, it is time for a New Word Blowout! I've been gathering them up for a couple of weeks now and probably forgotten three times as many as I've remembered. But, without further ado, here we go with the new words. As always, these will be cross-posted to the Fictionarium.

And, if one or more words, particularly tickles you then please leave a comment, rate the post or otherwise let me know. Feedback feeds the blogger's soul, dontchaknow?

Adgitate - agitated by advertising

Attirude - rude attitude

Campire - campfire for vampires

Constituition - paying your way through college through trying employment (constitution) or using the Constitution to pay for tuition

Cumpaign - a campaign of sexual conquest

Powervty - poor in power

Tempty - empty temptation

Tutirials - tired tutorial or possibly a tutorial delivered by a tired out presenter

Twuth - Twitter truth, something you cannot handle

And that, folks, is all he wrote for this post. Happy Friday, Happy Lincecum Day, Happy Orange Friday and...... BEAT LA!
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