On Tap for This Week

Note, NOT Dodger Blue.
After last week started off pretty well, I got a little ill mid-week and it mostly kept me on the sidelines until yesterday. Not sure what the deal was, it felt like my brain was too big or something and would send shooting pain through my body if I moved my head too quickly.

Not too much fun, especially with one or two little boys constantly clamoring for "uppy" or horse back rides or for me to toss them around like tiddlywinks (which they surprisingly love).

But this week is gonna be big, fun and awesome with a little work thrown in to make the fun time that much more fun by comparison. And I'm jumping back into my training schedule after last week's near complete washout. I will take it a little easy to start but will need to start getting in some hard workouts as the race is just about six weeks off now.

We are very likely going to go to see the Giants play the Dodgers tomorrow night which should be lots of fun, especially if the Giants bat's spark up a little hot streak. Heck, I'd just like to see Pablo Sandoval get on a tear, he's so due, he's getting calls from collection agencies!

And any week that includes the San Francisco Giants playing against the Los Angeles Dodgers is gonna be a week to get "up" for. Ideally we'll see the Giants crush the Dodgers three games in a row, and by crush I mean double digit whoopings!

Plus, "The Lost Boys" will be shown on Wednesday at 9pm at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Corey Feldman will intro the movie! It should be one of those wonderful Santa Cruz memories and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie again, this time shown mere feet from where it was filmed! Plus, its totally got vampires AND motorcycles AND the Feldman/Haim super Corey twin power so suck on that Twilight!

This coming Saturday is going to be a blockbuster day. Combined with Grady's sixth (how in the heck did he get to be 6 already?) there's this little thing called UFC 116 that is headlined by 530 pounds of men in Brock Lesnar taking on Shane Carwin for the unified UFC Heavyweight Championship. These are some big, big men and they will be throwing bombs at each other. Someone's getting their lights turned off and I'm betting/hoping it'll be the classless ass Lesnar getting put down and out.

Since we've already had a party for the boys, Saturday will likely be less friends and more family oriented stuff. Maybe a beach trip, maybe some bike riding, maybe something else altogether but definitely an all-family event.

And in between now and then there will be lots of training going on! I feel healthy again, I feel ready to rip it up. I'm throwing some road semi-slicks on my Ibis Mojo to do some training rides for the style of bike stage in the Santa Cruz Sprint Triathlon (one long dead straight ride out and then swoopy, curvy awesomeness along West Cliff back in) and I will be working on both my swim stroke and my running. I am going to shave minutes whenever and wherever I can. I expect to do well in this race!

Time to get on it!
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