2010 is Half Over Today, Or Not

Today marks the halfway point of the year (or is it really July 1st? yeah probably, damn). In a couple of days it will be my mother's birthday, she's getting herself a new hip for her birthday this year. Some titanium contraption that will let her jump higher than Michael Jordan and run faster than Michael Johnson. Not bad for a lady just under the edge of 70.

A couple of days later it will be my older brother's birthday. My guess is that his birthday will be celebrated with a big group of friends going out, much wine drinking, some songs (perhaps even around a campfire on the beach) and more than normal dissheveled hair the next day. And then a couple days after that is my cousin, Ellen's, birthday.

Next weekend we will be engaging in a double birthday party for our boys with pretty much their entire school class and a bunch of other friends coming to have fun at a park near the house. It will be very tiring but I hope/expect the boys will have a ton of fun.

And sometime this week I should get some kind of word about work over the summer. Rumors of full-time benefitted employment abound but there's been nothing concrete as of yet. I must confess that I was kind of looking forward to a slightly slack(er) summer schedule which is now gone. But regular income and health insurance trumps more free time.

And now its time to go and wrangle some tech issues. Today was a bad day to force all the school district's staff to change their passwords, there's a week left of school, couldn't this have waited?

Oh well, it keeps me popular. Now if only the clouds would break up so I could plan and schedule a trail ride for after work.

Speaking of which, I need to write up Grady and Sully's progress on their bikes. They are both coming along muy rapido! Grady is closing on starting to do some trail riding with me and I absolutely cannot wait!
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