Sports Wrap

This was a pretty good weekend for sporting activities. With the Sharks pushing hard to make it past the second round of the NHL playoffs, the Giants going into the weekend with a series sweep and the fourth winning series in a row and a rather stacked UFC 113 card, this was a good weekend to slug out and make sweet love to the television remote.

If only those pesky kids didn't keep wanting stuff...

Between my wife's Saturday appointments and Sunday being both Mother's Day and Sullivan's fourth birthday, there wasn't a whole ton of time for me to do me stuff. Not that I'm really complaining too much. Well, maybe a little.

The Giants nearly got swept by the Mets after losing the first two games but they pulled out the win yesterday even though Tim Lincecum didn't get the win like he totally deserved. Just like his last start but that's baseball, sometimes you do everything right and you still don't get the win.

I didn't get to watch any of the Sharks games because we don't have the cable anymore but I followed them online and did log in to catch a few minutes of live action every so often. After the 7-1 drubbing the game before, the Sharks re-established themselves and took care of business against the Red Wings.

But the main event of the weekend was UFC 113 featuring some big match ups. The fight between Koscheck and Paul Daley was billed to be a barn burning slug fest. The rematch between Lyoto Machida and Shogun was also looking solid. I'd not given Kos much of a chance in his fight having seen Daley walk through his last couple of fights. But Kos had a great game plan and applied it perfectly. A striker clearly has the advantage when the fight is on the feet but he is at a clear disadvantage when put on his back. And all I could think of when Daley was on his back was Houston Alexander who is damned scary on his feet, he throws wicked hands and has truly devastating knees. But when he's on his back he's like a turtle. And once the fighters figured that out, he was done. We'll see if Daley can reload his game and overcome this loss. But apparently he won't ever fight in the UFC again because of his classless antics after the fight was over. Cheap shots and sucker punches are never, ever a way to endear yourself to fans or Dana White.

And Kimbo Slice fought again in the UFC. He also lost again in the UFC and looks like he's not going to get another chance to fight for the UFC. I give Kimbo lots of props for his heart and effort but he's never going to be even a middle of the road mixed martial artist. He's a decent backyard brawler but he will get his ass handed to him every time by a dedicated mixed martial artist.

And, as always, Tom Lawlor spiced everything up with his antics, humor and sweet, sweet mustache. Shame he wasn't able to capitalize and get the W as well. He had been working Doerkson but got caught and then got choked out. Oops. He's still a fan favorite but he needs to get some wins rolling! And I'd like to see the Marcus Davis versus Jonathan Goulet fight sometime.

And let's not forget or overlook Dallas Braden's perfect game yesterday against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (one of the hottest teams in all of baseball right now). This is the guy who got national interest when he yelled down A-Rod for walking over his pitcher's mound on the way back to the dug out a couple of weeks ago. A-Rod was headed back to his dugout after getting thrown out at 3rd and thought it would be a good idea to walk over the top of the pitcher's mound. Only Braden didn't think so and started to shout at him to get the hell off his mound. And many people thought Braden was finding something to get pissed about. Maybe he was but I think he had a good point. The pitcher's mound is his office, he had it set up the way he wanted, A-Rod had absolutely no business or need to go walking through his office. That was just lame and yet another sign that A-Rod's a self-absorbed douchebag.

On the personal exercise front I still find myself lost in the post triathlon malaise. My legs feel tired, my brain feels tired and I know I need to get some exercise but I just can't see to pull the trigger and make it happen. I think I may need to find another race to focus on to start training for in order to kick the jams back out and get back on the training track.

I'm hoping that we are able to get back on a regular-esque schedule this week. I think we all need to re-settle down and get back to something more resembling a routine. It'd be helpful for me, that's for sure.
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