Refocusing Motivation

In the last week and a half since the triathlon I've gone on precisely one reasonably good bike ride and one very, very short other bike ride. I've also put a little bit of weight back on since the race, nothing too significant especially since my weight can fluctuate by as much as 8 or 10 pounds in a single day. But enough weight has creeped back on me to make me realize that its time to put another event on the calendar to train for.

I've found that I workout much more consistently and for longer periods when I know that I've got an event coming up that I need to be proper shape for. I do not ever want to be standing on the starting line wishing I'd done more to train for the race that's about to start.

And I'm going to be using that knowledge to create another dynamic training situation. I'm making use of The American Triathlon Calendar to find some cool races coming up. I'd like to do some of the Santa Cruz sprint triathlons but I'm a little leery of the ocean swim leg of the race. That ocean water is really, really butt ass cold and knowing how hard it was to paddle through the lake at San Antonio makes the ocean swim even that much more daunting. But we'll see what comes up.
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