Please Stand By

As you can probably tell, Intellectual Poison is undergoing some changes presently. Things will probably look a little wacky for most of today until I can complete the upgrade to the new design. The nice thing is that, moving forward, site redesigns will be all easy-peasy!

But its this first move into the new Blogger in Draft custom template system that will require lots of micro-fixes and cutting and pasting.

I should bullet out a list of changes still pending but I've got so much work to get down right now (real work that someone else pays me to do so it moves ahead of blog redesign fun).

In the meantime, you are invited to peruse my photos from yesterday's Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California as it wound up down along West Cliff in Santa Cruz. We were able to get into town, get parked and find a great spot to enjoy the really impressive spectacle of a top road race featuring some of the world's best cyclists in one of the world's most beautiful settings. Sometimes I feel truly blessed to reside in an area as stunningly awesome as Santa Cruz. And it makes me want to relocate back into town much sooner rather than much later.
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