Keep Moving Forward

We are continuing to push through the redesign in small steps. This morning I hand coded in Disqus comments again after the wizard cheesed the process partway through.

I'm not wholly sold on the new background, I'm not unsold on it either, I think I need to let it settle in for a day. And I will also need to check it at different screen resolutions like my MacBook Pro's 13.3" screen and on my desktop's 20" screen. And a few stops in between.

I'm not sure about dropping the second column yet either as the sidebar data I like to display usually takes up a good bit of vertical space and I don't know if going to the single column is going to work for me. But the push right now is to re-incorporate the data I had before into the new widgets universe the blog has grown into.

Of course, all of this is done in between other projects so it may take a few days to fully finish up.
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