Holy Guacamole, That's Alot of New Words

Here we go with a whole mess of new words to start out this supposed to be almost nothing but rain week. As always, all of these words will be posted on the Fictionarium as well (which is next up on the blog redesign task list).

Enough with the jibber jabber, let's get to the new words! If one particularly tickles you then please let me know in a comment or via the quick reaction clickee thinkies.

Squarrel - a quarrelsome squirrel

Brrrito - a cold burrito

Happimess - the pleasure a child gets from making a huge mess is called happimess

Excluesive - a private (or even exclusive) clue

Galery - a gallery of gals

Ghoulery - a gallery of ghouls

Inappropirate - an inappropriate pirate

Innapropriate - a bad bed and breakfast

Perventable - a preventable pervert
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