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Yes, dear readers, its time for what is affectionately known as a link dump wherein I post a whole bunch of unrelated links to cool or thought provoking stuff from around the intarwebs. And yeah, one of these days soon, I'll write a real blog post about what's actually going on in my life.

Map Envelope - its a map, its an envelope, its cooler than the sum of its parts. I'm thinking about using these for an upcoming birthday party we're planning.

Facebook's Latest Privacy Power Grab Graphic - Curious as to what Facebook's latest overstepping of the lines of privacy looks like in graphical form? Here ya go. Prepare to be pissed off. And, if you're ready to shut down your Facebook page then here are a couple of options to replace it - Diaspora and

What if the Tea Party Protestors Were Black - "Imagine that hundreds of black protesters descended on DC armed with AK-47s. Would they be defended as patriotic Americans?" Methinks not. What's that? White privilege? Yeah.

Students Who Caught Gym Teacher Stealing Money From Lockers May Get Punished - "After complaining to school officials and getting no help at all, they set up a mobile phone camera to record what happened to the lockers... and actually caught their gym teacher breaking into the lockers to steal the students' money" and now those students face disciplinary action for unauthorized use of video recording equipment in a locker room (a rule enacted to protect the kid's privacy ironically).

The Confessions of Captain Swallowtail -Take one back country adventurer, his dog, some friends, some gear and some big mountains and you get the awesome adventures posted here, with lots of incredible photos in the back country. Very, very good action!

Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950 - Aren't the Tea Party protestors bitching about taxes being too high? Yes, spending is still too high and that's where we are really in need of some change but the idiots complaining about being taxed need to get their noses out of Lard Rush's backside and realize that they are complaining about nothing. Which, of course, makes them idiots but you already knew that, didn't you? I'm thinking the idolatry of Sarah Palin was the first tip off. Worship a moron and you're gonna get called a moron.

Mandatory Password Changes Costs Billions in Lost Productivity - Forcing end users to change passwords on a regular basis seems like good security policy but it ends up resulting in a crazy amount of lost time due to people's inability to forget the old password and remember the new one. A better solution is to make sure the passwords are strong to begin with and that the end user hasn't written it down on a sticky note pasted to their monitor (which happens far, far, far too often to be funny).

Peeping Tom Peeps in on MMA Fighter... - Word to the stupid: If you're gonna peep on people, make sure one isn't an MMA fighter. Or be sure you can run really fast. Or make sure you enjoy getting punched in the face by a professional (because man do I hate it when amateurs try to punch me).

From the Duh File: Texting During Meetings is Definitely Noticed, Seen as Rude- Though it wasn't mentioned in the article, same goes for tweeting, surfing the internet on your phone, picking your nose and trimming your nose hair. Surprisingly, all of these activities are inappropriate behaviors during meetings.

Think Progress » BP chose more toxic, less effective oil dispersant manufactured by company with ‘close ties’ to oil giant - Because, gosh, isn't it great that BP can help out a close company by buying their product that doesn't work as well and is more poisonous than other, more effective dispersants that are available? I mean, they've gotta make a buck out of this whole mess, right? Actually, no. The oil spill is insanely huge, the damage will be felt for years if not decades and these assholes are putting more poison in the water so their pals can make some damned money? Ridiculous and incredibly goddamned shameful.

And if that doesn't get you pissed off, try this one on for size.
Transocean to give shareholders $1 billion while trying to cap its responsibility for Gulf spill at $27 million - while making a profit of $270 million dollars on insurance claims against the destroyed oil rig. That's right, folks, the company responsible for the crappily maintained oil rig. Way to turn a profit off a catastrophe of your own making, Transocean.
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