Training Notes

Tuesday marked my last hard workout before this weekend's triathlon. I'll get a light workout in today and then almost nothing at all on Friday. With some luck, planning and proper nutrition (and hydration!) I'll be hitting my powerzone just as the race starts.

Yesterday's swim was an interesting one as it was my first time ever trying to swim any distance in a spring wetsuit (short sleeves and short legs). The bouyancy was nice and there was little restriction on my arms to propel myself. And it was really helpful to practice a few transitions to get some idea of how to get out of the wetsuit as quickly as possible.

I spent most of my swim workout doing mental calculations to figure out just how many laps in a 25 yard pool equals a quarter mile. After a few misteps in my calculations I did eventually come to just under 18 laps equaling a quarter mile which was a little less than my guesstimate and works out well for me.

I also worked hard to go non-stop and to not use the walls of the pool to push off of since there will be no break time or walls in the lake this weekend.

From the pool I headed into the gym to get leg #2 of the triathlon knocked out with a bike ride on the Expresso bikes. I'm starting to find that they are less comfortable than they could be and they really, really need to have some air flowing across me or I literally pour sweat.
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