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You'd think working over spring break would be a total bummer and it would be if I pulled a regular paycheck for weeks when I don't work. But, since I don't get paid unless I put in the hours, I'm happy to work in the peace and quiet of a mostly empty office building.

This way I stand a reasonable chance of getting some stuff done. Maybe even some work too!

Yet another sign of the impending end of all reality - KFC Has A Bacon Sandwich That Uses Fried Chicken As "Bread", a mere 1700 calories in this dainty nibble. Sure it tastes good, its bacon and cheese flavored fat wrapped in chicken flavored fat. You'd be better served just eating directly from the tub of lard and cutting out that annoying middle man stuff like chewing or flavor.

Calf cramping - One of the side effects of a lifetime spent spinning my pedals on singletrack and trails is that I have rather large calves. They are a great source of power when I need to motor up hills but they also have a tendency to cramp up when my body gets worked harder or longer than it is used to. Part of this problem is hydration but part of it is just due to having large calves. I'm currently working on a stretching regimen to help keep them loose so that I'll actually be able to transition from swim to bike to run without lock ups. The first bit of advice I'm going to try is to spin the last couple of minutes on the bike before jumping off and starting the run. We'll see how it goes.

Photo sales - I had an email from someone who wants to use one of my photos as part of their office decor. It is for a teaching hospital which is all well and good but I'm not so sure about giving away my products. There is little chance of any further sales beyond this one. I don't think I'm going to be able to just give away the use of the image. If they want to purchase the use of the image then that's another thing altogether but I'm just not down with giving things away just because they ask.

Sarah Failin's Show on Fox News - You're set up for a craptastic failure when two of the people you are purported to have interviewed for your new show know nothing about an interview and the real plan was to use a canned interview. That Sarah Palin's new show suffered crappy ratings tells me that there might just be hope for humanity after all. We're probably still screwed but this is a sign pointing in the right direction.

Jesse James - the poster boy for schmucks everywhere. You cheated on your talented and gorgeous wife with some gutter trash tattoos on their faces skeezers? And then spent a couple of days in rehab as some limp little gesture to your soon-to-be ex-wife. You are seriously one of the most pathetic losers in the public spotlight right now. Astonishing what a douchebag you are.

Health Care Reform - oh my gawd, the world didn't come to an end and, to my knowledge, no death panel has decreed that I must die. All of the hysterical GOP hyperbole has come to pretty much what people with brains expected, that is, nothing at all. Sure we're not finished and there's still many miles to go before health care can be considered fixed but passing the big first step is huge in terms of where we go from here. Congrats to Obama and the Democratic leadership for having the balls to get it done. I dare the GOP to try and repeal it. I double dog dare you.

Baseball - it is amazing to me how much less I give a damn about the hand basket we're all scooting towards hell in now that baseball is back. Now I can wallow in statistics and enjoy the schadenfreude of the Dodgers sucking all season long.

Racing and camping - this month will see two new activities added to our family. One is going to be my first ever mountain bike race on the 18th at the Sea Otter Classic in Laguna Seca. I'm not nervous about the race as I'm planning on just going out and riding as best I can and letting the chips fall where they may. The other side of this coin is that we will be doing some camping over the next few weeks to prepare for our triathlon weekend at the end of the month. Should be fun, should being the operative word!

That's about it for now, much stuff going on these days and most of its pretty good stuff!
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