Test Post

So I got the email from Google that they really are serious and FTP publishing is going to be killed off this coming weekend. And, since I'll be gone this coming weekend I thought I'd tackle the migration now.

I've been around the internet block a few times, I've built websites, I've redirected URLs and lots of other geeky things. But I'd never had to directly deal with CNAME entries and the process was a bit daunting, at first. But I followed along as best I could and, if this post comes through properly, I think it has actually come to pass that Intellectual Poison will be hosted on Blogger's servers moving forward.

Unless, of course, there's a major snafu and the whole works falls apart. In which case I'll likely be headed over to Wordpress since my host has an automatic Wordpress installation widget/wizard and I rather like automatic stuff, when it works.

Anyway, let's see if this posts properly (it should also publish significantly faster too).
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