I Brake for Spontaneously Vomiting Children

We have had a rather projectilerific end to our spring break with first Sullivan coming down with a curious stomach bug that induces spontaneous projectile vomiting at random times. Then Graydon picked it up and spent all day Saturday on the couch puking into a bucket and being very, very unhappy.

So then it only follows naturally that I would get the delightful bug myself. And get it I did. I was over at a friend's playing cards when it got me. I was able to excuse myself and go empty out my insides in relative peace outside.

You know what's sort of funny about vomiting? You never seem to remember just how horribly unpleasant it is. I am always shocked by really how terribly nasty the whole ordeal is. Is it made better or worse when the event takes place in a garden or on a cold tile bathroom floor?

No matter. It sucks pretty royally where ever it takes place. I recovered enough to go back in and get cleaned up and started to make my see-ya-laters. But instead got horned into another couple of hands of cards which actually worked out well for me since I was $35 down and ended up only $5. And the entire contents of my stomach, of course.

But, when I was getting ready to leave, the waves came back and I knew I had to hurl again. Speaking of which, hurl is a good term for puking. You're hurling your insides out which might explain why everything hurts so much the next day.

Which was Sunday. Sunday's been a wasted day. The upside? I probably dropped 8 pounds overnight. The downside? Now I'm severely dehydrated and have really sore muscles.

But both Sullivan and Graydon have pretty much bounced back and are playing their favorite game of trying to annoy the other.

Although Sullivan had another "episode" last night which required me to strip his bed, change his clothes, remake his bed and get him back into it after also protecting it as best I could from recurrent episodes. Lots of fun. No, not really.

The odd thing is that Sully was fine yesterday. He had not a trace of being sick in him and was actually quite upset that he couldn't go to school.

And the latest update is that Sully made it through the night without puking which was a nice change. And he was allowed to go to school which made him quite happy!
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