Off the Track

My training schedule went a little bit sideways this weekend. Our schedule could have accommodated some workouts but I wasn't feeling it and decided to let it slide. Not to say that I did nothing but I definitely did not hit the weights or the bikes or the treadmill or the pool. I did swing a whip and take down a whole ton of weeds which did get me sore.

But today is officially the get back on track day. It is supposed to be a rest day according to my schedule but I don't see another rest day. I see a good hard sweat in my future.

And just under three weeks until my first mountain bike race ever at the Sea Otter Classic! That should prove interesting. I'm trying to approach it more from an educational experience and trying not to worry about where I place but I also expect that my competitive juices will kick in once the race has started. I'm looking to have some fun, do decently well on the race and not be last.

A little sliding is acceptable but anything more than a day or two could be bad for my training and I've come too far to let anything derail me now.
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