Healthcare Chart Breakdown

Found over here at the Wonk Room. Seems pretty clear to me.

Add in Anthem Blue Cross's latest giddy proclamation that they are raising rates in California for nearly a million people by, get this, 39%! Why? Because they can and because they want more, more, more of our money. Their total bullshit rationalization is that, due to more people being unable to afford their insurance coverage because it is so high, they have to raise rates on people that can afford it so compensate for their lost revenues.

Which is, of course, utter bullshit.

The people who have no choice but to pay their exorbitant rates have pre-existing conditions and can't afford to lose health insurance for even an instant lest they find themselves completely unable to secure any kind of coverage at all.

The facts are that the United States of America is the last industrialized nation on earth without universal healthcare. Why? Because our supposedly elected representatives are pretty much owned by Big Pharma and Big Insurance who don't want to see their swollen revenue streams dammed up by little things like rationality, honesty and fair access.

Something like one third of every single dollar that goes into healthcare in America goes to administrative overhead. Think about that for a second. Think about the thousands of different providers who each have their own special filing procedure, think about all the people in all the medical offices across the country who have to fill out forms for each specific provider. Think about how much of our medical services get compensated by Big Pharma to push drugs.

Our healthcare system is seriously broken and in need of a fresh start without insurance companies acting as the de facto Death Panels the Republican asshats are so fond of invoking. Folks, there are death panels now, they are faceless nameless paper pushing bureaucrats who can conveniently lose your paperwork while waiting for them to authorize your liver transplant just long enough for you to die before it processes.

We don't just want universal healthcare, our nation's survival depends on it coming to fruition. Not just from a financial standpoint either. We are falling behind the rest of the world in almost every area while trying to convince ourselves that America is still the shining beacon of awesomeness it has been. Our education system is atrocious, our infrastructure is aging and failing and our healthcare system is a bloated special-interest owned cash cow for Big Insurance and Big Pharma.
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