Douchebaggery After Tragedy

Nothing like using a catastrophe to try and introduce your cult religion to the Haitians, eh Barbarino? Flying rations and docs in is laudable, taking up some of that plane's space to bring along some of your Scientology ministers to prey preach on Haitians is unconscionable and I, officially, hate you now. I just disliked you before and felt sympathy for you when your son died. Now I just think you're an asshole.

And now there's further reports that these Scientologists had absolutely no clue about what they were getting into. They brought no food, supplies or even sensible shoes because they assumed they could buy whatever they needed in Haiti. So now they are obstructing the rescue efforts by needing supplies for themselves while they try to spread the word of L. Ron Hubbard to people who've just lost everything.

How and why these idiots were allowed to land in Haiti is beyond me.
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