We are a fractured country, we are huddled into our special interest groups and are launching attacks against anyone who dares to not kowtow to our same sets of beliefs. We are for or against abortions, we are for or against universal health care, we are for or against the stimulus, we are for or against Sarah Palin, we are for or against torture, we are for or against Tiger Woods and his sexual addiction, we are for or against whether Joe Stack was a hero or a terrorist, we are for or against damned near everything.

And the middle ground is a swampy hell of seething anger, hatred, bile and slime. The middle ground is unpassable and so the sides stand opposite each other and throw crap at each other.

We have politicians being political and smearing other politicians with deliberate lies because they know the majority of people won't bother to fact check them. We have health insurance companies making massive profits already and deciding it isn't enough so they are going to ream people who can't move to another insurance company because of their pre-existing conditions.

We have big market greed, we have poor getting poorer, we have an education system so woefully underfunded and a prison so overcrowded. We are approaching a precipice and, if we continue on the same path, we will tumble down to rock bottom. Some might say that we are already in the process of tumbling down.

Until the bitterness is forgiven, until the partisan bickering, until our "leaders" stop trying to score points and start trying to fix our country, we will continue to hate, we will continue to struggle and we will continue to spiral ever downward.
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