Changes Are Afoot

Two fairly significant change are being forced upon me in regards to this here blog (and the others I write as well). The first is that Haloscan, the comment engine I've used for the last several years, is being put out of its misery. Which means figuring out how to move 8000+ comments off Haloscan and into another comment engine.

As the more astute among you will have noticed, there are currently two options for comments on posts. The old one that reads 0 Comments which is Haloscan and the new one that reads 0 Comments and 0 Reactions which is Disqus. The Haloscan option will be removed next week, they gave me a deadline of 2/11 to either take my comments and go home or move to their pay-for system called Echo. I'm sure Echo is lovely and all but I've been interested in Disqus for a while and rather like the soc.net aspect of the comment system. I think I'm going to give it a go. However, I'm having some difficulty in importing all of my exported comments from Haloscan. There's a widget to do it and it seemed easy-peasy but nothing has shown up as being imported as of yet. Which doesn't bode well. I will keep working on it and hope there's an automated way to populate the system with my comments.

For now though, please try to use the Disqus comment option.

The second significant change on the horizon, a little further out, is that Blogger will no longer be allowing this blog (and presumably all of the others) to publish via FTP (that's file transfer protocol, not fluffy transvestite pushing). Not sure why they are doing this and it doesn't really matter why because they are. This leaves me with two options. Either drop my web hosting and move Intellectual Poison completely on to Google's servers or look for another blogging platform.

From the couple of discussions I've had with other bloggers in the same boat, the consensus seems to be moving to a new blogging platform. Which means there's a whole crapload of code tweaking in my somewhat near future. I have ten blogs through Blogger presently with a couple of those pretty well defunct (oh poor Cheddar X and Stump Pond Journal). Not all of them would have to be moved because several are Blogspot blogs and won't be affected. But enough will be affected that I may just relocate the whole kit and kaboodle.

Which should be fun trying to do in the midst of moving my physical house as well. And everything else on my ridiculous laundry list of tasks.
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