UFC Fight Night Predictions

Some good fights coming up in the next couple of days with the WEC fights tonight and then a UFC Fight Night on Monday.

Not too much time to put too much into this one since we're supposed to be getting ready to go check out the Cyclocross races in Aptos.

Here we go.
Maynard over Diaz
Escudero over Dunham
Lawlor over Simpson
Sadollah over Blackburn
Leben over Silva (looking forward to seeing Leben back in action)
Lennox over Story
Tavares over Lentz
MacDonald over Guymon
Bradley over Dos Anjos (love the square hair, Raf)
Harris over Salter
Forbes over Catone

Fight of the Night to Maynard vs Diaz
Submission of the Night to Sadollah
Knockout of the Night to Lawlor

Check back to see how my calls go.
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