Put These Foods on Your No-Buy List for 2010

5 Foods You Should Avoid in 2010 via Change.org.

The 5 are:
Factory-farmed meat
Seafood on watch lists
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Foie Gras
Out-of-season produce

Of the five listed, the last was one that made me pause and think for a little bit as to why. Of course, the linked article explains it more clearly but the skinny is that the cost and damage incurred by transporting produce an average of 1500 miles from farm to fork is just not sustainable. Eat locally, eat in season.

Regular readers will be aware of my war against HFCS and how much worse for you it is compared to plain old sugar. Granted neither is great for you but HFCS poses a much longer term health risk by vice of the body's inability to effectively process it and the fact that HFCS does nothing to satiate the consumer (that is, you don't get full after eating something loaded with HFCS which means you will tend to eat more than you need or should and end up fat).

I'm not sure why Foie Gras is on the list really, it is an insanely expensive delicacy that most people on the planet have never tasted and will never taste. But it is some seriously nasty stuff even if it tastes great (I don't know because I wouldn't eat it even if I could afford it).

The factory farmed meat makes sense to avoid even if you don't find the factory farming process to be like hell on earth for animals. It is unsanitary (as in chickens with Mad Cow Disease unsanitary) and perpetuates what amounts to torture before consumption.

It is hard to eat properly all the time and I don't think anyone expects perfection in consumption but it pays to be aware of and try to limit the ingestion of foods that do you more harm than good.
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