Friday New Word of the Day BLOW OUT

My manager just told me these new words have got to be moved out, they're taking up space and we've got to start making space for all the new 2010 models (though it looks like the Toyota line may be delayed). Anyway, here's a whole ton of new words to add to your vocabulary just don't be all Washington Post-y and steal them to pretend you came up with them on your own, that's lame.

Tasklost - lost in the swirling maelstrom of an out of control tasklist. Side note, I just read an interesting idea, instead of making a To Do list, try making Don't Do list, it should be shorter.

Banus - bonus anus, you got one asshole and were gifted with a second one.

Corno - pornography featuring corn.

Soilitary - people who don't bathe often, are dirty (or soiled) and are often alone are considered soilitary types.

Tokel - someone who becomes a yokel when they smoke dope.

Dimmy - dim dummy. Yes, its redundant but I enjoy saying dimmy, as in "Don't mind him, he's just a dimmy".

Cramp out - when you are on a long bike ride (or run) and you cramp up so badly that you have to wait for a pick up, the time spent waiting for the ride is the cramp out.

Fassel - a fast vessel. Created when Cyclelicious misheard me while mountain biking the other day. But its a good word and its going into the book.

Champang - the feeling of regret after getting really drunk and stupid on champagne.

Distall - a distilled installation, a barebones software installation.

Hornon - horny moron. See here for an example of a hornon.

Portraded - positive/negative portrayal solely for the purposes of pushing through a trade (think Manny Ramirez pretending to be hurt so the Red Sox would trade him).

Portarded - portrayed as an imbecile.

Perude - perusing prudes. Like window shopping for sexual frustration.

Furstration - frustrated over fur. Think the increasingly ridiculous PETA.

All these new words are simultaneously cross posted to my Fictionarium. Head over and have a peruse.
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