Reality is Messier Than Fairytales

Why would a man with all of this risk it all by a cheap fling (or ten) with another woman? I don't pretend to understand the rationalization of adultery and infidelity but then I have an automatic risk vs. reward calculator hard wired into my brain and the risk far, far outweighs any momentary reward where infidelity is involved. A momentary pleasure against that moment ever becoming public is a stupid risk.

So there is the near non-stop Tiger Woods' "accident" coverage on sports shows these days. The accident is looking less and less like a real accident and more like a crash while trying to flee a severely pissed off wife with a golf club. There has already been a pseudo-press event of Woods' alleged mistress arriving at LAX with celebrity whore/lawyer Gloria Allred by her side. There has already been the hiring up of big gun expensive lawyers by Woods himself. There have been discussions about the logic or illogic of the explanation of the accident and how there is simply no way Elin Nordegren would have been physically able to pull her husband out the back window from the front seat.

From the outside, Tiger Woods lives an amazing life. He's the best golfer ever, he's married to a pretty ridiculously smoking hot woman, he is the highest paid athlete in the world, he's got endorsements coming out his backside and really he can do almost anything he wants. But those are just appearances and the reality of his life, as we are learning, is not quite so idyllic.

His smoking hot wife may also be a nutcase vengeance driven scorned woman who attacked her husband upon finding out he'd been banging some floozie. The injuries sustained to Tiger's face are inconsistent (supposedly since he's gone all Greta Garbo since the accident) with a car accident and are supposedly a lot more consistent with a pissed off wife scratching and hitting you for being a cheating sleazebag.

And Tiger's latest statement will do little to ease his problems. Yes, he apologized for his transgressions but then he took the opportunity to take a swipe at the culture that made him rich beyond imagination because he "deserves" his privacy even though he's been constantly portrayed as a role model for kids. The problem with his mindset is that he wants it both ways, he wants accolades, fame, money and all the good stuff but doesn't see that there is another edge to the sword. You won't be able to get away with one without the other.

But yes, his marital infidelity isn't my problem, sure, I'm interested in it because I'm a married man and I am, or was, a Tiger fan even though I tend to find televised golf more tedious than trying to watch Glenn Beck without puking.

I don't get it and maybe that's not such a bad thing.
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