Happy Insert-Name-of-Holiday-You-Are-Celebrating-Here

We are celebrating a combination of Christmas and Jolly Days in my house today. I could elaborate but then I'd have to hunt you down like a Christmas goose and I don't really feel like doing any blasting today so I'll skip it.

Here is hoping 2009 wraps up nicely for you all and that 2010 ushers in a new age of prosperity, happiness and health for you all.

I know that 2010 is going to be a major roller coaster year personally, I just hope there are more ups than downs this year.

Things I'm looking forward to:
- Moving back to Santa Cruz
- Skydiving
- Spring training and baseball
- Better employment
- Teaching my boys how to ride bikes
- Competing in a triathlon with my wife
- Finding the "lost" route between Nisene and the Demo Forest
- Joining and riding with local mountain bike clubs
- Going back to New England to visit friends and family

I'm sure there will be more but this is a good place to stop for now. I hope everyone enjoys today, spends good times with family and remembers that today is less about spending money on people and more about spending time with those people.
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