This Week in Douchebaggery

Seems like the douchebaggery quotient has been running a bit higher than normal lately. So I gathered up some examples for you.

Man Blames Planes For Divorce, Seeks $555 Million - not only planes but elevators, buildings and pretty much everything but his own stupid ass self.

10-year-old is tasered by police in Arkansas - funniest comment on the link: This is what happens when they won't sign the marriage license. Baaahhh!

Woman accused of faking breast cancer for implants - do they like big fake boobs in jail?

Poet's Son Says No One Can Quote Father Without Paying Up... Even Academic Dissertations... - I've never heard of Louis Zukofsky but his son sounds like a total loser trying to twist copyright into an income stream. Good luck with that.

No Respect for the Dead - pulling a grieving brother out of a funeral procession to give him a ticket and make him miss his sister's service is the epitome of douchebaggery.

Palin-Beck 2012? - the dream ticket... for the Democrats. He's a lying drama queen, she's a moron with nice legs and a mean streak. Awesome. The only better ticket I can think of would be Cheney/Limbaugh.
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