... I'm going to actually organize my closet.

... I'm going to re-attach the stripe on the side of my car.

... I'm going to be able to walk from wall to wall in my garage.

... I will have my Porsche 914 that's been converted to electric.

... we will live on a spread off the grid (though with high speed internet, of course) with lots of land, bike trails, a pond and a zipline (hell yeah!).

... people who actually do the work will be paid more than the people who manage the actual workers.

... all Americans will have equal access to preventive health care.

... we will quit paying so much attention to celebrities and pay more attention to scientists and teachers.

... marijuana will be legal.

... gas powered cars will seem like quaint throwbacks.

... I will be able to sleep on the rare days when my schedule allows it.

... I will choose to work because I want to not because I have to.

... I will have a six pack.

What are your somedays?
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