Noticeably Absent

As usually happens when I have some time off from my regular schedule of work, I slack on blogging because my somewhat regular routine is thrown off. It is 20 minutes to 9 on Thursday, I'm supposed to be in the computer lab with one of the 6th grade classes working on one of their projects. I almost said a noisy and boisterous lab but the first class of the day is generally very well behaved. It is the last class of the day that usually forces me to go seek quieter refuge elsewhere.

A result of this change is that I don't tend to take the time to blog even though I theoretically have more time to blog since I'm not meant to be working. At least not for the man. This week I've been working for the woman, my wife, so that she can push forward on several projects that we need to push forward on.

And today has been lots and lots of cooking to end up in a pretty good sized feast for us. This has been the first year we did everything on our own for our own. And we made plenty, plenty of mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy along with a great cranberry sauce. I'm drifting along on my post eat until I was super over full and looking to find the end of the football game and a beer and a place to prop up my feet for a little while.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a sweet Tryptophan coma.
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