Another Twitter Etiquette Installment

It has been a couple of months since I wrote up some more thoughts about Twitter and etiquette and why I won't automatically follow you back. And, further, why I stopped following you almost immediately. It is all pretty simple really and I'll try to distill it down to some easy to grasp bullet points.

Top 10 Reasons I Don't Follow You Back
1. Your tweets are nothing but quotes.
2. Your tweets are nothing but links to the same PPC site.
3. Your tweets are nothing but replies to people you do not know.
4. Your tweets are obtuse one-side-of-the-conversation replies.
5. You have no avatar.
6. You have no bio.
7. You have no tweets at all.
8. Your tweets are full of txt spk.
9. Your tweets are so poorly spelled that it hurts my brain to try to decipher them.
10. You do not understand what Caps Lock does and that it should not be used as your default Tweeting style.

Top 5 Reasons I Immediately Unfollowed You
1. You sent an auto-DM thanking me for following you and please go look at some site.
2. You sent an auto-DM telling me you are looking forward to reading my tweets.
3. You sent an auto-DM.
4. You @ replied to me with the exact same message your entire Tweet history is made up of.
5. You are a Yankees/Dodgers fan.

Top 10 Reasons I Followed You
1. You are funny.
2. You are original.
3. You are a living breathing person.
4. You are interested in conversation.
5. You have something to add.
6. You know me in real life.
7. You are a cyclist.
8. You are a photographer.
9. You an mma fighter or fan.
10. You post pictures of yourself often and you're rather gorgeous (see Arianny Celeste for the best example of this phenomenon).

So there ya go. Any questions? Leave 'em in the comments.
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