Kicking ADD's Ass

So I have officially been medicated for ADD for about five hours now, give or take. I can definitely notice a significant shift in my ability to focus and drive projects through until they are complete, which is nice. I've been more productive in three hours then I usually am all day, which is also nice.

Some of the side effects I've noticed so far aren't as pleasant but are manageable for the time being. Side effects include: sensitivity to loud noises (like the class bell in the computer lab here), somewhat more jittery/nervous energy, a slightly upset stomach, blocked ear drums (which is likely the cause of the sound sensitivity) and, hard to really say it, elevated paranoia. The last one isn't as big a deal as it sounds but is the best way I can explain the sensation I'm experiencing. It is less paranoia and more just an elevated awareness of everything around me and within earshot.

The upsides are: a much more focused mind, clarity of action leading to more completion of projects and I seem to have grown a third arm which has been incredibly handy though I'll have to have a whole new wardrobe tailored to accommodate it.

Seriously though, so far, so good. It'll be interesting to see what my first bike ride is like.
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