Gratitude is the Attitude Days 20 and 21

About time I finished out this three week meme with the last two days of things I'm grateful for.

Day 20 - I'm grateful for checks in the mail paying me for me for work I did a while ago. I was expecting them, of course, but its one thing to expect a check and another to finally get it.

Day 21 - I'm grateful to be able to figure things out and also to be able to figure things out for other people. I work in tech support and too many people that do what I do forget about the support part. It isn't support if you belittle and talk down to people who need help, it makes them feel small and that you are a jerk. I do my best to gently fix their issue and try not to make them feel bad if it turns out to be a simple fix. I may not be super amazing strong on the tech side (which means I do a fair bit of research to figure things out) but I'm very strong on the support side and that's why I had my schools trying to hire me outside the district rules.
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