Gratidude is the Attitude Days 11, 12 and 13

So yeah, I've missed a couple of days but I have a reasonably good excuse in that our internet has been pretty severely jacked up since last week. We took a cost saving step of eliminating our landline at the house. However, in doing so, we lost our internet. It took nearly a week to get it turned back on even though it was a stupid setting in the AT&T offices and had nothing to do with our house. And yes, it took a service call to our house to determine this.


Gratitude Day 11 - I was deeply thankful for the opportunity to get out and sweat some stress, work my body and enjoy some of the fantastic late fall weather we have here in Northern California. I took a bike ride in Nisene Marks State Park, spun my way to the top of Sand Point and down the backside. No crashes, not too much traffic on the trails and really just a great time.

Gratitude Day 12 - I'm grateful for the genuine gratitude people extend to me when I am able to resolve their technical issues. It sometimes doesn't happen in an especially timely manner but that's as much a combination of my schedule as it is the problems they are having.

I'm also grateful to be starting on a regimen of medication to try and help alleviate some of my ADD symptoms so that I will be more able to lock in on tasks and see them through to completion. But boo on having to wait until Wednesday to get the 'scrip filled because the drugstore was out of my medication. Oh well, a couple more days of wandering mind won't hurt me too much.

Gratitude Day 13 - I'm grateful for the freedom my job offers me to find another place to be when the computer lab fills up with unruly kids and complaining teachers. Seriously, if the only thing out of your mouth is complaint after complaint then can you really wonder why people turn around and walk the other way rapidly when you approach?
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